Day: June 17, 2018

Simcity Buildit – Best Simulation Game

Simcity Buildit – Best Simulation Game

There are thousands of digital game in the wiki, however, finding the best one is little daunting. In case you are looking forward to find the best game, then it is time for you to give a look at the SimCity BuildIt. It is one of finest simulation category game introduced till now. ELECTRONIC ARTS is the developer of this game, it has introduced a lot of interesting games till now. A person does not have to pay even a single penny for playing this game. though there is presence of in-app purchases and it also contains ads.

Focus on upgrading instead of overbuilding

Majority of the player is quite overwhelmed after they got nuts and therefore starting the more residents projects which are completely wrong. in case you are also focusing on this same point then you are completely wrong. as when you will be heading forward to start working on a lot of residential projects, then it is going to create a lot of problems like the utility of water, sewage, electricity and much more. Therefore we suggest the person start with the 15 to 20 slots and not even a single more than that. It will even help the sims of your city to lead a happy life.

Proper balance between service count and building count

None of the players is able to stress enough of the third trip, therefore we are going to cover and elaborate it over here. The happiness of a person can be dropped precipitously in case the person over-build. Therefore it is very important for a person to have a proper balance between the count of service and building.

An improper balance will also lead to the unhappy citizens, which can further lead to depletion in cash reserve quite quickly. In case the sims in your city are not happy, it means that they would be migrating to a different place leaving the buildings abandoned.


It was the full coverage of SimCity BuildIt hack game, in case you are impressed by it then it’s the time for you to install this game. In case you are having the android supported devices then play store is the option for you and IOS holders are having an option of the app store. A person can lead the download from the platform respectively. My personal experience of playing this game is thumbs up.